How to Beat Candy Crush Level 147

Follow these tips How to Beat Candy Crush Level 147 and you will crush like a pro. Level 147 is not that tough if you can follow these tricks to get through this moderately difficult level of Candy Crush Saga.

You might find level 147 of candy crush to be tough, but it is rather easy if you can take out the center column quickly. This will open the game board up to removing the jelly by making big combos.

It will only take 4 or 5 combo mixtures to clean up, the worst is just that center column so try and mix wrapped candies together or mix a wrapped candy with a striped candy for a super boost combos that will clear it out.

candy crush level 147If possible, the striped candies mixed with the sprinkle candies will have a good deal of destruction, but it is tough to make this combo while that center column is there. Clear that column out and start planning on making some big combos.

The jelly in the corners can be tough so try and get those knocked out quickly too. Start from the bottom and work up. Focus on where candies fall as there are holes in the board, so get used to how the candies drop. As always, try playing on your mobile device and on a desktop to maximize lives possible.

Level 147 of candy crush is not very hard, I think I beat it on my first try. Plan ahead, make combos and focus on that center column. You should have no problem passing  level 147 of candy crush saga.

Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 147

tips to beat candy crush level 147Follow these Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 147 and you will get through with no problem! Candy Crush Level 147 can be tough, but if you can take out the center column first, then you open up the board to combos.

First moves are vital!

You have to create combos in the first couple moves to open up the board. This level really isn’t that hard, start from the bottom and work up. You have to create combos to beat level 147. If you cannot make good combos, then you will not beat this level.

Focus on planning ahead to try to get striped and wrapped candies mixed together. If you can do this, you clear out the center column and then you can work on putting together bigger combos.

It takes 3 to 4 combos to beat this level, so don’t focus on the jellies, or the column with only 3 candies, you have to put together 4 or more candies to get through level 147.

Do not worry about the top of the board, you have to work on the bottom section. This will keep the candies falling. Try to put together sprinkle candies with striped candies mixed. This will open the board up and cause the most damage.

Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 147

Candy Crush Level 147 can be a pain if you are not putting good combos together. In fact, if you have not mastered planning ahead to make combos by now, you are going to be in trouble on future levels. Focus on the combos and planning ahead!

Candy Crush Level 147

candy crush level 147We have dedicated this site to how to beat an extremely hard level, Candy Crush Level 147 can be such a pain! Follow these steps and tricks and you will beat candy crush level 147.

It is important to start working on the center area. You want to clear that out first. This will allow you to get more combos like Sprinkles, wrapped candy and striped. The key is to get these candies together to get boosted.

If you are unable to get sprinkles, this level will be really hard to beat. So by now you should be good at planning ahead. If you make this move, then this will happen.. follow the candies dropping into place to try and make the sprinkles and the stripped. Then try to mix these together.

I know that is a long shot, but that is how you are going to beat the level, have to have the sprinkles with the stripped.

Also, start with the bottom and work up. This will help with the accidental destruction when candies are falling. But again, clear out that center column first. That is how you will beat candy crush level 147.

Tell us where you are stuck! Have you beaten this level yet? It is a tough one, but there are more difficult levels to come. Just you wait.

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